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Frank Sandtmann

B2B Sales consulting for small & medium sized companies

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Especially small and medium sized businesses (SMB) are often underestimating the bottom line influence of a systematic market approach. A lot of decisions are based on experiences from the past or a "gut feeling". No doubt there are lots of situations in your company, where it is extremely valuable to listen to those feelings. However, one should add to it a systematic evaluation of the general environment, in which these decisions are being made.

Hardly any decision can be made under total security regarding these underlying circumstances. The more important is it to have a good knowledge of the controllable and verifiable factors. Selling not only based on gut feeling, but based on clear principles, good intelligence of the competitive environment and controlled by a system of comprehensible and straightforward key figures. Sales consulting - precise and smart.

Better your homepage: Website Optimization

The Internet is for the majority of customer decisions the fastest and most important source of information. Independent of the specific industry. Locally, regionally and internationally. Nonetheless is the digital sales channel frequently neglected or poorly used, especially from medium sized enterprises.

Often is your own, optimized website key to your market success. It is your digital business card to the world, while at the same time being a supreme customer acquisition tool that is online working for you. Worldwide. Year-round. 24/7.

A strictly sales-minded use of your homepage is therefore one of the key elements of my B2B sales consulting approach. It considers the content of your website, its design, usability and especially the chances of getting found by Google & Co. via organic and paid search. You can be sure: your company will measurably benefit from improved visibility on the Internet through holistic website optimization (SEO).

Individual sales consulting approach

As each company is fundamentally different from all others, it deserves an individual consulting approach. Hundreds of ready-made PowerPoint slides in most cases do not solve specific problems. My claim is that I show clients a practical way to an effective and sustainable improvement of their situation. If required, I am more than happy to support the implementation of identified opportunities as a freelancer.

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