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Search Engine Advertising (SEA): paid search via Google & Co.

Search Engine Advertising: aiming at new customers

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is striving to rank close to the top for given keywords in the so called "organic" or "natural search", Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is concerned with paid search.

The big search engines - above all Google and Bing - offer the possibility to publish paid advertisements. These are displayed above or below the organic search results, usually in a slightly different layout. Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (through Bing) are your best chances to secure a position on the first search engine result page (SERP) for relevant keywords.

Online advertisers will have their - within certain limits - self designed ads displayed for their targeted keywords. Usually payments are only affected, when someone clicks on the ad (pay per click model - PPC). Related costs are mainly dependent on the competitive situation for the keyword and your maximum bid.

Search Engine Advertising through Google Ads

Currently Google is the leading search engine worldwide. Its market share in Germany, for example, easily exceeds 90%. Thus Google Ads (previously known as AdWords) is the first choice, when it comes to paid search on the Internet.

In the Ads account the customer is setting a maximum daily budget. Relevant keywords need to be chosen, best with relatively low competitiveness while still having an interesting monthly search volume. For these keywords catchy advertisements need to be created. In view of the limited space, which is available, not a totally undemanding challenge.

Ads will be shown by Google, if a search is being made for the respective keyword and the balance of the daily budget is not yet spent. Restrictions can be applied: time, language, device and/or geographical location. This enables you to reach a target group very precisely, e.g. for a local only service. In an automatic auction the advertisers will be ranked: currently up to 7 ads will be displayed on the first page of Google's search results (since February 2016 - earlier up to 11 results had been shown).

Cost per click (CPC) not only depends on the "fit" between keyword and ad text, but also on the quality of the landing page. Thus a high correlation between page content and search term is helpful. Additionally the past performance of the advertisement is highly relevant. If a relatively big share of searchers had clicked on your ad in the past, the CPC tends to decrease. This click behavior is measured by the so called Click Through Rate (CTR). The "magical limit" for any successful keyword or advertisement is around a CTR of 1%.

Support in design and maintenance of your Google Ads campaigns

To maintain a successful campaign, which constantly brings qualified customers to your website, continuous effort is needed. It is not enough to set it up once and forget about it afterwards. Rather a regular meaningful tweaking - e.g. through testing of alternative ads, bid adjustments or negative keywords - is mandatory for its success.

Ultimately you do not want to increase the sheer number of visitors of your website only. It should be those visitors, who have already expressed their general interest in your offerings by having performed a dedicated search.

Target Search Engine Marketing: SEM=SEO+SEA

Search Engine Advertising is an excellent opportunity to drive greater numbers of relevant visitors to your homepage. It can be used alternatively or complementary to Search Engine Optimization. Both activities are usually summarized under Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and are key elements to any successful online marketing strategy.

The Sales Consulting Agency from Hamburg, Germany is eagerly looking forward to supporting you as a freelancer in design and maintenance of your German or English Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising campaigns. Being a certified "Google AdWords Specialist" and "Google AdWords Expert", I will help to make your campaigns a sales success. Please follow the link to my contact details, send a mail to sea(at), or simply call under Tel. +49 40 235 130 816.

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